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VIDEO: 2020 ‘entirely’ about whether Dems win back middle class

April 10, 2019
Hundt, who served as Federal Communications Commission chairman under President Clinton, said that if Democrats want to have a chance of beating Trump in 2020, they should avoid neoliberalism, a term generally used to refer to ideology that favors free-market capitalism. READ MORE

Real Clear Policy Op-Ed: When the Next Big One Hits

April 3, 2019
Unemployment is two points below the average of my entire life span. Housing prices continue to rise for the seventh straight year. For an incumbent president winning re-election next year should be a walk in the park. READ MORE…

The American Prosepect: Book Review

March 29, 2019
“A meticulous blow-by-blow reconstruction of Obama’s transition to power. [Reed Hundt] is asking the important questions. …[And] has a broader vision of what government could do…” —Simon Johnson for The American Prospect. READ MORE…

Plain Talk Podcast: Do we need the electoral college?

March 26, 2019
Reed Hundt, a Clinton appointee to the FCC, is working with Making Every Vote Countthese days and spoke to his organization’s desire to settle national elections based on the popular vote only. He doesn’t agree that the Electoral College protects the importance of rural, low population states like North Dakota. READ MORE… ‘Jilted Battlegrounds.’ Could Former Swing States End the Electoral College?

March 22, 2019
Reed Hundt, head of the bipartisan Making Every Vote Count advocacy group, thinks the states that will put it over the top might instead come from a successful ballot measure driven by grassroots support. READ MORE…

Medium: Chronicles of Politics Foretold

March 15, 2019
Politics is always a reaction to something. No one campaigns on the promise to do nothing — everyone asks for votes in return for promising to fix what’s broken. READ MORE…

The Washington Post: The popular vote could decide the 2020 presidential election, if these states get their way

February 26, 2019
According to Hundt, who previously served as chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, for the first time in American history, in reasonably close, non-landslide elections, 1 in every 3 presidential candidates who wins the popular vote will lose the Electoral College. READ MORE…